Get Involved

There are numerous ways to connect and take action with FaithAction. We rely upon volunteers and interns to help serve and accompany our newest neighbors.  We welcome participants for our Stranger to Neighbor events, and seek innovative community partnerships to help better educate and connect our diverse community.  We also seek leaders who are willing to voice their values on issues related to immigration and diversity. Our work is simply not possible without you - please consider donating your time, skills, and funds to support the important work of FaithAction!


Each year FaithAction relies upon the generosity of community volunteers and interns to help staff best serve, educate and connect our diverse community.  We require all volunteers and interns to attend an orientation that is provided 4 times per year prior to working with FaithAction.

Donate & Fundraiser

You are our primary source of funding!  Your support makes a significant difference in the lives of our newest neighbors, and builds bridges of hope and understanding across our diverse community - turning strangers into neighbors!


Thank you to our wonderful partners who recognize the tremendous potential in our diversity, and are passionate about building a stronger, healthier, and more united community for all of our diverse residents.

Take Action Together

Each year FaithAction provides numerous opportunities to take action together through events like our Downtown Unity Walk and immigration reform advocacy.  Many congregations and community groups also action by donating to our food and diaper  pantry.  Be sure to join our e-newsletter list serve and Facebook page for updates and opportunities.

Voice Your Values

Please take a brief moment to call your elected officials today and ask for their support of comprehensive immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship and keeps immigrant families and our community together.